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Are You Ready To Become Your Higher self?

What Is The Psyche Interface?

The Psyche interface will assist you on your journey of spiritual growth by connecting you to higher forces though the power of your mind. With this game the user will be updating the way they interface with their current reality by paying their respect to the Neteru through incremental focus and progress rituals. To respect the Neteru is to respect the universal nature of all things, and to respect all things is to respect yourself and what you will become. Each stone represents a function within the mind that we can stimulate and grow through playing The Psyche Interface and learning the mythology of the Neteru. We inhabit the mind and spirit of all the Neteru within us in the form of multiple personalities with conflicting beliefs and aspirations and we utilise the parts of us that we need in that moment in time for survival and approval. All living and non living organism within the spectrum of creation have multiple personalities that we sometimes call moods, ways, sides, forms, personas, angles, seasons, shifts, consciousness, fragments, aspects and more. These multiple aspects that reside within us have more control over our minds, perspectives and behaviours than we would like to admit. Any one of our sides can take the seat of your consciousness at any given time without no permission by the untrained mind. Using The Psyche Interface regularly will help the user to develop a sense of self removal and deep analysis of what drives and motivates all the aspects that live within the universe and reflect within your psyche. Once you start to interact with the different sides of yourself and start to take care of their individual needs you will bring Ma'at (harmony) into your life, this is how playing The Psyche Interface can help the user to love and respect themselves more by bringing harmony to your individual and conflicting parts. 

Self love is very important in this day and age and our team aim to help people around the world to love and respect themselves more through playing The Psyche Interface.

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Benefits Of Playing The Psyche Interface

Brain training
Mind wandering and mindfulness training
Active meditation & self reflection training
Focus training
Gamification of life's responsibilities
Neural pathway building
Empathy building

Cultural appreciation and demystification of the Kemetic sciences.

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Psyche Interface Instructions & Updates

The Psyche Interface Instructions and updates
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Supporting Resources

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